GIMP Photo Editing - 1st Attempt.

Below the text is a couple of tester images using the photo-editing program named GIMP. For these images I used a variety of different layering processes, text editing and light manipulation to give the desired effect. Below each of the images is a basic summary of what the image is and how I made it.

This is my favourite image as took me about an hour to and hour and a half to complete. For this I integrated two separate pieces and layered them over each other to give this faded but striking effect. The text was a creation of creating separate layers and moving them to give a 3D effect. I also used the blending tools and gradient tools to give 3D more depth and also to create a metallic looking finish. I then integrated the text with a spiralled background (using the flame render tool) to give a contrast between the darker background and the lighter text.

These images were originally created as banner art for my visual diary but after deciding to use something different these were left. These (like the DillPunne image) were created with the Flame Render tool on GIMP but these were made by integrating random flame movements into each other. The first image used a mixture of spiralled and smoke effects to give a galaxic feel to the image and making it look like a photo that could be taken from space. I colourised it with different variations of blue to stand out against the darker background. I then added a "Lens Flare" option and manipulated the light to make it feel more 3D and for added contrast. The second image was originally created just like all the other images but I accidentally hit the invert option and it gave the image a smoky effect. The contrast of the white background makes the grey almost melt into it adding to this feeling of movement and smoke.

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