The Music Industry - The Rebecca Black Hate Campaign

When the video was released in February of this year, it was received extremely badly by both the audience and people within the music industry. To create another pop-sensation like "Justin Beiber" record labels are getting younger and younger pro-formers added to their label in hopes of attracting a younger audience and making more money. However what was actually happened?

Although yes Justin Beiber was an immediate attraction for their female audience, Rebecca Black wasn't as the song was very well written and looked like someone tried to make the song quickly to try and attact the same audience as Beiber was appealing to... however the song was badly recieved that people made a mockery of it. Instead of attracting the needed people, they laughed as the song was "annoying and sung by a girl who hasn't got the best voice". The parodies however were an immediate attraction due to the media coverage of this "bad" song.

The parodies were popular to the audience as it took a song and made it into a joke attracting the audience originally intended for the original. The media coverage and popular shows mocking this also made parodies more popular - they were simulating a collection of the media's ideas and thoughts and making them into one public video for people's enjoyment.


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