Simplistic Artistry with Dark and Light - Fighting Gravity

Fight Gravity was a popular act in America's Got Talent in 2010. Their act was a creation of using dark shadingows, blacked out people and neon colourings to give this look of people able to impossible things. Although its a very simple process with the use of people in blacked out outfits controlling the movements and positioning of the dancers to simulative this look of them "defying gravity".

Although the process in creating and preforming it is fairly straight foward, the effect it has is striking and remember-able. The effect of bright colours (the neon) and the black backdrop give this feeling that they are almost floating and can move inhumanly. This ability adds another aspect to this dance, the look "alien" to what is normally capable to a human being.

Overall this type of artistry is uncommon on-stage but as you can see, its extremely popular and receives a really good reaction and attraction by the audience and also the judges.

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  1. I remember seeing something very similar to this when I was a kid at a theatre in York back in the early 1970s. I think that the Muppets also did something like this on their TV show. Ain't nothing new.