The 3D Revolution

Since the first release of 3D films in  1915 they have steadily become more and more attractive to audiences with its peak in the 2000's. The ability of seeing a film in a cinema and having that element of things coming at you and you being able to passively interact was the biggest attraction which added both suspense and creates emotion for the viewer (like if something jumps out people will physically jump or like in Wall-E the scene moved through the landscape giving the feeling of largeness and making people feel like they are a "small fish in an ocean".

The film was usually the main output for 3D experimental films and practises but lately to has spread across many platforms such as television and even gaming. 3D TV was first released into mainstream marketing in March 2010 when TV with full 3D capabilities became a popular and well selling idea. People could then stream professional and fun 3D Films and TV right into their own living room without the hassle of going to the cinema. This allowed the whole family to enjoy its benefits of popular films and programmes.

Nintendo also joined this revolution earlier this year with the release of their hand held system the 3DS. This was the first in hand-held gaming technology which allowed the player to experience 3D atmospheres and landscapes with this small screen. Games had a new element from the old 2D display that they used to show. A new feature was the AU capability (Augmented Reality) which allowed people to use the outside world and cards to create a whole new experience with the gaming. With the camera equipped to the handheld also, you can create an edit 3D photos and later on in the summer, 3D film.

So if this is the revolution for 3D when is the revolution or the release of 4D going to come?
Or is this the limitations of out technology today?

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