First Photo-edits from Photoshop

A couple of days ago I upgraded from GIMP software to Adobe Photoshop. Here are some of the edits that I done on there. They are mainly colour editing but I feel that the separation of colour and the effect of grey scale to it makes them stand out better. I only added the colour in the pictures if:
- That was the most predominate colour in the picture (like the wedding photo, the red was the main colour which is why its the only one coloured in)
-The show emotion. (The "Puppy Love" was to show warmth with the dark reds and the dark greens.)
-To make the photo more attractive and stand out better.
[Puppy Love]

[At the bar]

[Mudeford - Blue]

[Photo edit 1]

[Photo edit 2]

[Wedding - Red]

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