Roy Lichtenstein - Pop Art (Comic Books)

Roy Lichtenstein art work was heavily influenced by comic book story's and design and also advertisements like billboards and television, and it is heavily predominate inside his work. A large majority of his work is put inside these black frames imitating this effect and even the way he painted his work with the use of small dots is a similar process in the creation in older comic books continuing this feeling of the work being a comic book piece of artistry. 

The pictures are very 50's with the image of the women in both images. Many woman seen in 50's images were extremely glamourous, blonde and be extremely well dressed. For example in the first image with the woman and man in the car, the woman is wearing a typical 50's outfit for a woman part of the upper class personality. The leopard print fur shows wealth adding to this imagery of her upper class persona. The positioning of the woman is also important. The high collar makes her head be lifted upwards making her back straight making her walk with her head held high - showing grace and poise which is typically taught to woman of a high classing.

I like these images as the simple black outline and block colouring makes the image stand out be predominate in the frame. Comic books are something I enjoyed as a child allowing these images to have a personal tie to me. In society these images are popular for the comic book styling and simplistic look allows people to easily envisage the frame of the picture and the story that it tells.  These images are excess-able to anyone wither they are of an artistic background or not.

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