Roy Lichtenstein - My Own Studies

These are two drawings that I did that I attempted to colour in Photoshop to give this block colouring and still retain the black outline that the paintings have. First I drew them out in pencil trying to get the shape and composition of the paintings. I then outlined them for the black finish. I scanned the outlined picture into the computer ans set it up in Photoshop. I then used the Quick Selection Tool and marked off specific sections for colouring. Although I tried to get near enough to the colour, I added my own variation to bit I thought would look better. Here are two copies which I done. The first was a rough copy and the second was a better copy.

Although some of the detailing was lost when I was adding colour, I still think the second one has more depth and close to one of Lichtenstein's piece of work. In the work you can see mistakes such the speed lines at the top being stuck together. I think it was because it was my first attempt. If I was to do it again I could sort out the problems. 

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  1. You need to introduce the Ben-Day dots, which are characteristic of Liechtenstein's work. You can achieve this effect using Photoshop.