Botticelli's 'Venus and Mars' (1485)

This painting can be seen and interpreted in many different way by the way people perceive and see the full image. Some may say that Mars could represent evil with him being surrounded by small horned children  with all this clothes and staff. Some may say that as he sleeps, Venus and her horned helpers maybe stealing Mars' clothes and weapons to make him a weaker man.

However I see this image as an image of love (represnted by Venus, the goddess of love) being relative to the image of war (Mars, the god of war). From the look of the image it shows Venus seducing Mars and using her beauty and love to disarm Mars of his his clothing, his weapons and other items. This could represent that by the use of love, war can be prevented and stopped with the use of its pureness (as you can see Venus is "pure" with her wearing white, smooth skin and facial features. ) The small satyrs who are playing with Mars weapons and armour could should that they are mocking him as he was "disarmed by love".

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