GIMP Photo Editing - 2nd Attempt.

Putting together what I had practised with the other images about light, layers, effects and colour I create the above two images. The green image reminded as I was making it of a "techno" swirl I'd seen on Windows Music Player a few years ago and so I tried to imitate the colour, light and positioning accordingly. I integrated a mix of swirl, spectrum and explosion flame renders and got the above effect. After colourising the different layers I grained it slightly to make it look like the Windows player and added the lens flare for added depth. 

The second image was a mixture of the flame rendering but also being able to position the flame around the pink globe in the enter. By using the globe I was able to stem the flame effect to give this expanding smoke effect which made the image attractive. I used a variation of whites, purples and blues to give this warmer effect and to contrast specifically against the black background. 

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